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8 Things to Do in Puerto Plata

January 18, 2018 0 Comments

It’s an undisputable fact: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, is crazy beautiful. The beaches, water and sunsets are aahmazing. Better still, the weather is warm enough to swim/hang out at the pool or beach without feeling like you’re going to melt. How do we know all this? One of our True Beach Lovers was just in Puerto Plata told us all about it. Here’s what he said, “Flying in you could really see the beauty of the land.  The entire region is covered with rich, beautiful plants. You really feel like you’re landing in a tropical paradise.” That said, here are some specific things to do in this Beach Eden aka Puerto Plata you just can’t miss.

1. Chill at Cofresi Beach.  Much less visited than, say, Playa Dorada, Cofresi Beach has gentle waters that hug golden shores. There’s plenty of shade for a picnic lunch under umbrellas, huts or trees. There’s no entry fee and is open 24/7. Plus, Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina and Casino, is right next door. This way, you can either steal away and relax on the sand, or get into full-on party mode. Or toggle in-between. That’s the beauty of this dream spot.

Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic,

(Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, photo by:

2. Hit Cabarete Beach. This gorgeous stretch of shimmering sand, a former fishing village and farming enclave, has been transformed into a crazy fun adventure-centric locale. If you’re not up for windsurfing, kayaking or kite surfing (and tons more splashy things), you’ll can hang at high-end Puerto Plata resorts, nosh at delish restaurants and shop ‘til you drop – that is, when you’re not working on your tan. However, the main attraction here is Kite Beach. The wind is just perfect for launching your kite and a there’s a reef 300 meters from shore for endless underwater exploration.

Flying in you could really see the beauty of the land.  The entire region is covered with rich, beautiful plants. You really feel like you’re landing in a tropical paradise.

3. Be Spellbound by Mount Isabel de Torres. If you want to get breath-stealing view of Puerto Plata, you won’t miss this. You’ll hop aboard the only aerial tramway in the Caribbean and ascend to the top of this peak, where there’s an iconic replica of Christ the Redeemer statue that’s found in Brazil. The statue is on top of a big dome, under which you can find places to buy jewelry and other souvenirs. There’s also a botanical garden with paths where you can wander around and snag some cool snaps. If you get hungry, there’s a place to eat and take a load off.

4. Dive into 27 Waterfalls, Rio Damajagua. Mother Nature really outdid herself when she created this natural eye candy. Situated in the lush hills of the Northern Corridor mountain range and nestled behind spindly stalks of sugar cane, 27 Waterfalls is a vortex of natural pools etched out of limestone that just might leave you speechless. You’ll climb, jump and swim down natural waterslides and along the way, see different species of tropical plants and animals. If you get hungry after all your splish splashing, there’s a welcome center with snacks.

Playa Dorada beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

(Playa Dorada beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, photo by:

5. Plop Down on Playa Dorada. Creamy, soft sand and blue-ish aqua waves make Playa Dorada THE beach of choice in Puerto Plata. If you want to take a break from your booze snoozing on the sand, there are oceans of watersports to enjoy: windsurfing, snorkeling, even fishing. Amidst the fringy palms, you’ll see all the major resorts and best of all, most of them offer rental equipment – some even offer it for free. Bonus: the beach is also free and open 24/7.

6. Get Your History on at Fort San Felipe. Lovers of architecture and history will be smitten with this grand edifice. The construction process began in 1564 under the order of King Felipe II to protect the people of Puerto Plata from marauding pirates that they could see from where the fort is positioned, which is atop Malecon Hill. This area became an important mining area of gold and silver, thus the draw from these seafaring bad guys. Nevertheless, you’ll have breath-stealing views of the Atlantic and be able to soak up a whole lot of other cool things about this locale.

View of mountain on island, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

(View of mountain on island, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, photo by: M. Haas.)

7. Curl Up on Cayo Arena. Also known as Cayo Paraiso, this slice of heaven is a coral islet located right off the coast of Puerto Plata. It’s so beautiful that when people arrive they think they’ve stepped into a film or a dream. The colors of the water range from turquoise to emerald green and the sand is shockingly white. Swoon.

8. Get Out There with an Outback Terracross Buggy Adventure. This is one thrilling adventure. Hop into an all-terrain Terracross buggy and zip through hills and glens, rivers and sugarcane fields. You’ll get to see the lush Dominican countryside and spectacular views from backwood tracks and trails. It’s an uber exciting half day excursion that shouldn’t be missed.

Is Puerto Plata not the very picture of beach perfection? We think so. To get your sweet self there, just call 1-800-915-3162 and one of our Beachologists will set you up on a Puerto Plata all-inclusive vacation package. If you want to check out the other beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico that we can take you to, go here. Remember, life is short. The sooner you beach, the better.


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