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5 Things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

January 20, 2017 2 Comments

Whether you’re a surfer, a partier, or a both, this gem of an escape haven on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific Coast has your name written all over it–in the sand. Here are 5 things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, to enjoy the best of both beachy worlds.

surf board tamarindo beach

(Surf board, Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, photo by:

1) Sandsational Surfing. Luckily, Tamarindo boasts a wide variety of sunny places to get your wave on. For beginners, the beach right in the center of Tamarindo is great; the surf is best during mid-high tide. For long boarders, El Estero, the river-mouth at the north end of the beach, is perfecto; the solid right beach break is where you’ll find your nirvana. Other places to check out in Tamarindo are Pico Pequeno, a rocky point that’s best surfed at mid tide. Isla Capitan, a small islet in the bay of Tamarindo, is the place to hit when you’re up for southern swells. For all you experts, Playa Negra is the sweet spot: it’s a right point break with very fast waves that’s best surfed during the transition of tides. Of the 5 things to do in Tamarindo, surfing is one of the coolest.

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(Margarita on the beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica, photo by:

2) Booty Shaking and Bar Hopping. Once you’re good and exhilarated (or worn out) from all the surfing hullabaloo in Tamarindo, there are scads of places to throw down and/or grab a cocktail.  And just like the surfing locales in Tamarindo, you’ll have a great menu of vibes to choose from. The Aqua Disco and Pacifico Bar are the places to go head sweating. So be sure to bring your dancing flip flops. For bar games and tasty cocktails, there’s the Surf Club Sports Bar and Sharky’s Sports Bar Tamarindo. If you desire a more chill atmosphere, there’s the Langosta Beach Club and Pangas Beach Club, and for a joint that toggles between hoppin’ and loungin’, there’s the Dragonfly Bar & Grill. If you are perfectly okay with parting with some cashola, you’ll want to check out Texas Hold’em at the Diria Casino. Truth is, if you’ve only got time to select 5 things to do in Tamarindo, know that there’s probably a party venue around every palm.

3) Food, Glorious Food. Ready your taste buds: there’s so much to love here. For fresh sushi, burgers, chicken fingers, cheap beer, and more, stop by Eat @ Joes. For Mexican, you can’t beat Gil’s Place: epic nachos, killer tortilla chips and breakfast burritos. If you want to get all fancy, put on your best beach duds and head to Laguna Del Cocodrilo Bistro, where you can nosh on beef tenderloin and duck breast. The wine list is also stellar. The aforementioned is just a taste of all the grub spots in this neck of the sand. When it comes to Foodie things to do in Tamarindo, this sunny locale in Costa Rica does not disappoint.

pottery tamarindo

(Pottery from local shop, Tamarindo, photo by:

4) Off-the-Beaten Path Stuff. If you have a hankering for unusual things to do in tantalizing Tamarindo, try your hand at the Guaitil Pottery Studio, where you can learn how to throw a clay pot the Chorotegan way–the nation of people who make up part of the native profile of this region. Besides, who wants to buy a souvenir when you can make one? But if DIY is not your thing, then you can find a lot of wonderful souvenir shops all over the place. You’ll have a large choice of artistically thrown and beautifully adorned pieces to proudly flaunt to your friends and family. But there’s more. Another beguiling attraction that’s kind of funky in Tamarindo is La Senda, a labyrinth that’s one of earth’s unique features. If you’re into mysteries and the metaphysical, then you’ll dig this. Call before to make reservations. You can get a private tour, nosh and ride horses. The history is fascinating and of the 5 things to do in Tamarindo, it might be the most interesting. Don’t miss it.

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(Sunset over Tamarindo beach, photo by:

5) Sunset Sailing. For something that combines the ocean that all you surfers crave with the food/drink aspect, set sail with a sunset tour. They’re ahhmazing and you’ve got three main options: two catamarans and one schooner. Marlin Del Rey is a catamaran. It has a bar and dinner, but it’s pasta and a dessert, so if this doesn’t satisfy, eat before or bring a snack. Next, there’s Blue Dolphin (also a catamaran) and it’s a bit smaller than the Marlin, but there’s ample shade and sunshine for everyone. They serve fajitas, chips and dips, plus you get dessert like banana bread and carrot cake, but be forewarned: this is a party boat. But in Tamarindo with all the festivities in the beachasphere, what else would you expect? Finally, there’s Antares aka The Pirate Ship aka The Schooner. It’s got a striking two-toned black and white paint job, which makes it quite distinct. The feel while aboard is decidedly swashbuckler, so watch out (wink goes here.) No matter what shenanigans may or may not be taking place, the bar service is excellent. Before you’ve finished with one drink, they’re bringing you another. And for noshing, this is where you’ll want to dig in. The chef, Candy, prepares a six rounds of gourmet food: smoked salmon, veggies with quinoa ad a layered dessert. Swoon-worthy, indeed. In addition to all this Tamarindo tropical wonderment both in and out of the water, you can fish, dive, sail, horseback ride and enjoy a variety of eco-tours.

Fact is, even though we’ve selected 5 things to do in Tamarindo, there’s a multitude of mind-blowing things to experience. So if all this awesomeness sounds like something you just can’t miss, we make it easy peasy for you. Just call 1-800-915-3162 and one of our Beachologists can custom design an all-inclusive Tamarindo escape to beat all escapes. If other beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico are rolling around in your mind, then they can help you with those, too. However, if you want to browse all our all-inclusive vacation packages by your lonesome, just visit our site. Whether it’s Tamarindo or Trunk Bay, Costa Rico or Puerto Rica, we’ve got your beach, and all the sunbelievable stuff that goes with it.

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