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5 Things That Make Montego Bay, Jamaica, Eternally Cool

December 1, 2017 0 Comments

1. The Epic Beaches. You’ll want to dig your toes into this white, powdery substance often. First up is Doctor’s Cave, a private beach. There is an entrance fee, but there’s a reason: it’s near perfect – sugary sand, intense turquoise water and if you so choose, diving platforms. Bonus: there’s a restroom. Then there’s the beach where the locals hang, Dump-up Beach. It’s free and you can get a taste of everything that’s irie, Mon. Irie, pronounced “eye-ree,” basically means everything’s from “all right.” You’ll hear this phrase everywhere. Finally, you’ll want to check out Dead End Beach, which is appropriately named because it’s at the end of the Hip Strip aka Gloucester Avenue. Many of the resorts’ beaches in Montego Bay are beautiful and have all sort of dream scenarios for you to revel in: palapas and Bali beds under the swaying palms, romantic sunset dinners on the beach and so on. Montego Bay, Jamaica, or Mobay for short, is always an incredible place to beach.

Romantic dinner and sunset, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(Romantic dinner and sunset, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by:

Sunset, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(Sunset, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by:

2. It’s a Crazy Fun Partay. In Montego Bay, the main place you’ll want to hit is the Hip Strip, where there’s always something festive in the works. One spot of note is the iconic Margaritaville. There’s a big bar with a killer view of water that’s so incredibly blue you might not believe it’s real. It’s got a 120-foot waterslide, two trampolines and water volleyball, live entertainment, a restaurant and of course, the music of Jimmy Buffet. You can sing along over and over again to “Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville.” (Or not.) Blue Beat Ultra Lounge is a Jazz and Martini bar – it’s a bit more upscale so wear your designer flip flops. The Brewery is a mix between a British pub and a Jamaican jerk-pork pit. Lotsa fun here. To sum it up, there are many awesome places to check out in this sizzlin’ strip in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a super fun night, every night. 

Margaritavilla, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(Margaritavilla, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by: L. Mitchell.)

View from the bar at Margaritaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(View from the bar at Margaritaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by: L. Mitchell)

3. It’s Near the Airport. Once you land, most of the resorts are a coconut’s throw away. So after deplaning at Sangster International Airport, going through immigration and grabbing your bags, within 20 minutes (depending on traffic), you’ll be at your resort wiping your brow with a cool towel and sipping on a refreshing welcome drink. On the way home, you must check out Club Mobay. There’s no A/C in the airport. Luckily, this place has it, plus a bar, food (nibbles) and a mini-spa. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

Beach chairs, Secrets St. James, Montego Bay

(Beach chairs, Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by:

4. The Chill Vibe. Think about the time you’ve been the most relaxed. Now multiply it by a gazillion times. That’s how chill this place is. Sure, this is an exaggeration, but the truth is, your worries will float right out to sea when you arrive. Further, the term “no problem,” was coined here and truth is, most things really aren’t a problem. The natives are all about making you, the visitor, happy. And in Montego Bay, Jamaica, you will be.

Bartender, Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(Bartender, Secrets St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by:

5. Big Wide World of Water Sports. So, while you know the water here is amazing, you might not know how many cool things you can do in it, scuba, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, catamarans, sunset sails, river tubing, rafting, and so much more.

Kayaks, Iberostar Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

(Kayaks, Iberostar Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica, photo by: one of our True Beach Lovers.)

If Montego Bay floats your beach boat, then you’ve gotta check out our all-inclusive vacation packages to this sweet spot. If you’re still looking for more info on Jamaica, be sure to check out our post on Negril, Ocho Rios, and Jamaica!

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