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5 Hidden Beaches of the Caribbean

September 13, 2019 0 Comments

Dreaming of tropical vibes, white sand and the calm, crystal-clear water? Thankfully, the Caribbean is home to thousands of beaches–big and small, unspoiled and world-famous, white sand and pink sand, seven miles and one mile… you name it. While we can’t get enough of some of the most famous Caribbean beaches like Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach or Punta Cana’s Bavaro Beach, we’re sharing five of our favorite hidden beaches to add to your bucket list right now!

La Sagesse Beach – Grenada

Often described as one of the Caribbean’s most romantic beach hideaways, La Sagesse Beach is a must-visit in the Caribbean. Located on the southeastern side of the island of Grenada, this pristine, crescent-shaped beach is part of Las Sagesse Nature Center, where vibrant plants and wildlife flourish all around. This laid-back, tropical haven is perfect for quieter beach afternoons and intimate walks along the soft white sand.

Palm trees over the beach.

Imagine having this unspoiled paradise to yourself for a few hours. (Photo by: @paristhalia)

Point of Sand – Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

This secluded, unspoiled paradise tucked away on Little Cayman is every True Beach Lover’s ultimate paradise. No crowds. Just you, the sun, sand and the Caribbean Sea. With major deserted island vibes here, grab some snorkel gear and dive into the crystalline waters of the Cayman Islands to discover the vibrant marine life that’s swimming all around: queen conch, brain coral, parrot fish and other reef fish­–you’ll see it all! However, be cautious of the current, it can be stronger than in other spots. When you’re done, plop down on the white sand and stay a while.

A dock extending out over the ocean.

We could stand here forever. Boardwalk views form Point Sand Beach, Little Cayman. (Photo by: @wesr101)

Playa Rincon – Samaná

You can’t visit the quaint Dominican province of Samaná and not spend time on one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Surrounded by lush vegetation (think dreamy coconut trees lining the shore) and the clearest aquamarine water, this low-key beach is perfect for lounging in the sun for hours and watching water sport lovers test their skills at sailing or windsurfing. While tours often pass through via horseback or small boats, the stretch of sand is long enough to still find your own quiet(er) space to relax and listen to the waves gently crashing ashore.

Beach view with mountains in the background.

Welcome to paradise, aka Playa Rincon. (Photo by: @fatima_mera3c)

Klein Knip – Curaçao

If you’re on the hunt for a true hidden gem of the Caribbean, Klein Knip is just the place! With crystal-clear, calm water, this beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing–away from the typical beach crowds. Secluded and unspoiled, Klein Knip is nestled along the western coast of the Dutch-Caribbean island of Curaçao. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel as if you’re stepping straight into a post card–it’s an absolute dream and a must-visit beach in the Caribbean!

View of beach from a cliff.

Cliff views from Curaçao–what a dream! (Photo by: @rd553443)

Rendezvous Bay – Antigua

Nothing says hidden paradise like having to hike through a tropical rainforest to get there. While Rendezvous Bay is accessible via boat tours, the leisurely hike (roughly 30-45 minutes) to pristine white sand and turquoise water makes the experience that much better. This is the perfect, secluded stretch of sand for you if you’re up for a little adventure along the way!

Hidden beach view with rolling mountains behind it.

A beautiful hike finished off with this view? We’ll take it! (Photo by: @viewabbydawes_)

Ready to cross one (or all) of these stunning, hidden beaches off your bucket list? After all, summer never ends in paradise. Check out the fabulous deals we have going on right now, plus a few of our favorite off the beaten path resorts waiting for you to experience!

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