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Kick off those flip flops. Toss ‘em aside. Let those toes sink into the glorious sand–sacred, instantly-mood-elevating substance that it is. However, the pure ecstasy of reveling in this powdery goodness isn’t the only thing you’ll enjoy. Going barefoot on the beach is not just a feel-good kind of thing, it’s also a good-for-your-body kind of thing. Here are 4 reasons to go barefoot on the beach.

1. Stimulates nerve endings. Dig those nude tootsies into the sand–you’ve got over 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet. If you had this many nerve endings all over your body, you’d crumple to the floor in a heap. You’d be in sensation overload. Luckily, as nature would have it, this hefty number of nerve endings is relegated to your feet. But this explains why every step you take on the sand feels so off-the-charts heavenly.

2. Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells from Your Heels. Yep, it’s like Nature’s pedicure: it rubs those dead skin cells right off. Pedicures by professionals probably do a bulk of the heavy lifting (guys, this applies to you, too), but the grittiness of the sand helps keep your feet callous-and-flake free, as well as lessening that terrible shiver you get when you slide your crusty heels across your bed sheets. Nobody wants that.

Walking on the beach exfoliates dead skin cells from your heels. It’s like Nature’s pedicure. Click To Tweet

3. Strengthens Muscles in Your Feet. As much as your toes/balls/heels might be aching after wearing those fabulous new Italian shoes, the muscles in your feet are not getting a work out-activated. Nope. You need to get out on the sand. Walk, skip–even Prancercise. It’s all good for you. Having sexy, muscular feet might be one of the best reasons to go barefoot on the beach.

4. Absorption of Electrons. Subatomic particles. That’s what electrons are. Smaller than atoms. This might be way too meta for everyone and maybe even counter-intuitive–we don’t normally think our bodies need electricity. We’re not robots. But truth is, we do need electrons. They help support your immune system and keep it functioning at an optimal level. So, venture out. Take a long walk on the beach. Cliche, yes, but it’s one of the most body-beneficial reasons to do this, which is why we included it in our 4 reasons to go barefoot on the beach.

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