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March 4, 2022 0 Comments

There it is again, that familiar feeling of burnout. Work has been rough. Your kids are bouncing off the walls. The dog keeps eating your shoes. You need a vacation and you need one STAT. But this time, you want something different. You want excitement, passion and maybe even a little topless-optional beach bathing. Go ahead with your bad self!

This 2022 Noble Beach Prize winner is perfect if you’re feeling free-spirited and fun-loving. In fact, since it’s our pick for Best Night Vibe, we think you’re going to totally love having tons of time to party the night away. That 8pm bedtime? Psh, forget about it. You’re going to the adults-only Temptation Cancun Resort! Let’s see what ‘The Playground for Grown-Ups’ has in store for you.

Exciting Dining Experiences

When you think of a romantic evening spent with your main squeeze, where does said evening usually start? Dinner, of course! Temptation Cancun Resort knows that with so much excitement, you’re going to need fuel up. While there are tons of options for food and drinks around the resort, we just had to call out Aphrodisiac Dining, a multi-course menu that is sure to bring out your sensual side. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, opt for You, Me & the Sea, a four course beach dinner for two. You’ll have your own waiter, a bottle of something fancy to drink and the setting sun as your backdrop. Muy caliente!

Electric Theme Parties

When the sun goes down, the sexy gets turned up! If you’ve got your hottest ensemble on standby and you’re ready for an evening filled with plenty of adults-only fun, then you’re in the right place. The theme parties at Temptation Cancun Resort are totally epic: Wild Safari, Lingerie Masquerade, Glitter & Glam and Foamy Neon Night are just a few of the sultry and creative events that will have you living your best life. Sync your outfit to the theme and get ready to spice up your night.

Killer DJs and Nonstop Dancing

Who doesn’t love live music? Bonus points if you know how to bust a good move on the dance floor. This resort has some pretty sweet pool parties that bring the whole ‘Playground for Grown-Ups’ tagline to a whole new level. They’re all the rage, all new and all kinds of awesome–plus they’re filled with tons of live music, dancing, food and cocktails. You’re definitely going to tropic like it’s hot at one of these ragers.

Looks like this Noble Beach Prize winner is filled with sugar, spice and all sorts of things nice. Pick a date and pack your bags–we think this is going to be your most favorite vacay yet!

Lauren Fritz