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July 8, 2021 0 Comments

We hope you’re hungry, because we’re about to spill the beans on our 2020 Noble Beach Prize Winner for Most Divine Dining! Prepare for a culinary experience like no other when you stay at the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa. Not only will you experience a sophisticated atmosphere surrounded by stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, but you’ll sample the finest and freshest ingredients when you visit one of the resort’s six restaurants. Sounds pretty delicious, right? Well, let’s dig in!

First-Class Dining with Spectacular Views

The ambiance of the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa is both upscale and welcoming, creating a unique dining experience centered around style and stellar service. You’ll truly feel like family when you dine at the resort’s main restaurant, Uá Culinary Artisans. “Uá” means “home” in the local language of Cochimi, which describes the warm and cozy design of the space. Take in views of the sparking resort pool from the main restaurant or experience panoramic ocean views at Café des Artistes.

Contemporary Cuisine with International Flavors

Speaking of Café des Artistes, this restaurant has earned its spot as one of San Jose del Cabo’s most exclusive dining experiences for many reasons. The classically elegant menu blends Mexican flavors with gourmet French techniques, creating a cuisine that is bound to tempt all palate types. Not only will the flavors rock your world, but when you see the chef’s avant-garde presentation, you’ll totally want to snap an insta-worthy picture!

Tasty Tapas, Fresh Seafood & Good Grilling

Head on over to Niparaya Bar for a mouth-watering appetizer menu featuring an array of rare tequila and mezcal. Sip on craft cocktails, savor fresh slices of sashimi and sample shareable small plates as you take in breathtaking ocean views. If you’re looking for a little surf and turf action, enjoy a luxurious evening experience at Nak Grill & Bar. Relax as you dine poolside, tasting freshly caught seafood and juicy steaks prepared on a wood fired grill.

Want a seat at the table? Hurry and reserve your stay at the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa. Your taste buds will thank you!

Kennedy Stadler