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2020 Noble Beach Prize: Best Night Vibe, TRS Yucatan Hotel

February 14, 2020 0 Comments

Nightlife can often turn into an after-thought when planning a beach vacay, or it’s assumed resort nightlife consists of cliché shows and make-shift nightclubs. TRS Yucatan Hotel trumps all these stereotypes. With a sensational show featuring everything from acrobatics to singing to divine food, you’ll understand why this resort was the 2020 Noble Beach Prize winner of Best Night Vibe.

Dive into immersive shows

While TRS Yucatan has several different nighttime activities to enjoy, the most popular one is the Chic Cabaret & Restaurant. You’ll experience three hours of endless entertainment right before your eyes. The talent of the dancers, singers, acrobats and musicians is evident and truly what sets this production apart from other resort shows. Performances feature music hits new and old, so any age adult will be able to enjoy the entertainment.

Enjoy endless cocktails

Before the show even begins, you’ll be served cocktails in the courtyard outside from servers wearing cocktail stands–hello cool factor! The bevs won’t end once you step inside though. You’ll be treated to unlimited premium drinks as well as a shot between each course of your three-hour meal. Oh yeah, there’s also an after party. You might want to pace yourself by the pool if you want to really live it up at night.

Wine glasses on table with stage in background.

Your glasses won’t ever empty at this spectacular show. (Photo by: @jclegg2)

Indulge in culinary experiences

For those who refer to themselves as foodies, this nightlife will combine fun and food for a night to remember. With a variety of courses over the three-hour show, you’ll embark on a culinary adventure that will indulge all your senses. Whether you enjoy some fresh octopus or a delectable dessert, you’ll be able to savor all the delicacies while enjoying a show of fascination and wonder.

Don’t let the stereotypes of resort nightlife deter you from getting the full experience of Chic Cabaret & Restaurant at TRS Yucatan Hotel. You won’t want to miss a night vibe like this on your next beach vacay.

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