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2019 Noble Beach Prize: Most SPAwesome Experience, JW Marriott Los Cabos Resort & Spa

August 1, 2019 0 Comments

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of your next beach vacay is “relaxation”–because, let’s be honest, we’re all stressed, and nothing is more relaxing than the sounds of the ocean. But have you ever wished you could get more from a beach getaway than just the soothing sounds of crashing waves? Next time you’re feeling overworked or flat-out tired, head to JW Marriott Los Cabos Resort & Spa, where you’ll have the Most SPAwesome Experience in all of the Caribbean and Mexico.

View of the exclusive spa pool, overlooking the sky and ocean at JW Marriott Los Cabos

View from the exclusive spa pool–how incredible? (Photo by: J. Clegg)

Say Goodbye to Stress

JW Marriott’s Jasha Spa invites you to leave everything behind (“Jasha” means “goodbye” in a local dialect). To help you get rid of all the negative vibes weighing you down, Jasha offers an abundance of state-of-the-art spa accommodations and services including hot and cold plunge pools, body wraps and scrubs, couple’s massages, therapy baths and more. Pro tip: treat yourself to something different each day.

Plunge pool loungers at JW Marriott Los Cabos' Jasha Spa

Relax amidst serene gardens and plunge pools at JW Marriott Los Cabos’ Jasha Spa. (Photo by: J. Clegg)

Find Your Balance

Jasha’s philosophy is rooted in its name but is accomplished in its spawesome journey. As soon as you walk in, your quest to wellness begins, guided by the harmony and contrast of nature. Guests can indulge in treatments varying from the extreme to more gentle caretaking, which provides familiar comforts while allowing the discovery of new options. And as you strive towards a new state of well-being, you’ll be immersed in gorgeous surroundings.

Spa and hydro-therapy treatment room at the JW Marriott Los Cabos' spa.

Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and hydro-therapy at JW Marriott Los Cabos’ spa. (Photo by: J. Clegg)

Must Do: Temazcal

Jasha strives to convey the magic of Mexican culture and traditions to their guests. The most authentic way to experience local wellness culture is by joining a Temazcal ceremony. Temazcal’s are pre-Hispanic sweat lodges where a Chaman guides you through intense sweating that is meant to detoxify your body and mind. If you can handle the heat, there’s really no better way to feel rejuvenated.

Sweat all your stress away at the Jasha Spa, JW Marriott Los Cabos. (Photo by: J. Clegg)

It’s easy to see why JW Marriott Los Cabos Resort & Spa won the 2019 Noble Beach Prize for Most SPAwesome Experience. And we haven’t even mentioned that Cabo has perfect weather, stunning landscapes and so much more! If we were in your flip-flops, we’d be looking up Cabo vacays like yesterday.

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