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2019 Noble Beach Prize: Best Beach Bliss, The Westin Grand Cayman

June 20, 2019 0 Comments

All True Beach Lovers seem to have their own definition of beach bliss. But there are certain elements that make any beach a universal hit with comfort, soft sand and calm water topping off any list. Of course, the 2019 Noble Beach Prize winner for Best Beach Bliss had to offer that and more, which is precisely what’s in store for anyone visiting The Westin Grand Cayman.

Seven Miles of Paradise

Let’s start with the obvious. The Westin Grand Cayman sits on 80,000 square feet of the famous Seven Mile Beach, which is considered the best beach in the world year after year. Not only that, but it also happens to be one of the purest sections of the seven-mile stretch–the golden sand sifts through your fingers like sugar! Doesn’t it already sound like heaven on earth?

Imagine spending a day with your favorite people on this white sand oasis… (Photo by: Westin Grand Cayman)

Five-Star Comfort

The Westin’s beach stretches 800 feet from one side to the other (yes, that’s A LOT), giving everyone ample room to make a beach chair or cabana their home for the day. Most importantly, you won’t have to get up early to save a spot–there’s enough seating for all! Once you get escorted to your area of choice, the only thing you’ll need to do is hit a call button and a server will be right there with food and refreshments.

Doesn’t this look like paradise? (Photo by: Westin Grand Cayman)

Beach Bliss Your Way

Like we said before, beach bliss is what you make it. The Westin Grand Cayman already set the scene with its fabulous beach and top-notch cabanas; now it’s up to you to decide what to make of your day. Will you read that book you bought months ago while you get a nice tan, or will you spend your time doing something slightly more active? If it’s the latter you’re after, you’ll be glad to hear that the resort is also next to the Governor’s Reef, one of the best snorkeling locations in the Caymans!

The Westin Grand Cayman

It’s always a good day on Seven Mile Beach (Photo by: @tony_keopaseuth)

Besides having the best beach of 2019, The Westin Grand Cayman was also the 2018 Noble Beach Prize winner for Most Divine Dining, and the Cayman Islands are a known hotspot for majestic sunsets. That’s surely enough to make this your next beach getaway destination!

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