5 Reasons to Book Your Beach Vacation Now

So…that vacation you’ve been thinking about? Have you done anything about it yet? If not, here are five good reasons that you really need to book your all-inclusive beach getaway now.

Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic
(Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic, photo by: instagram.com/jessflav)

1. The Local Weather. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too rainy. No matter what Mother Nature is bringing, you’re not digging it. That’s why you need to take yourself to a place where the weather is always perfect, which is the beach aka Paradise. If you’re not convinced the time is now, keep reading. You’ll also get a glimpse at where you can lay your sweet head. For now, cast your gaze on this eye candy at Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Morning at the beach, Secrets St. James, Jamaica
(Morning at the beach, Secrets St. James, Jamaica, photo by: L. Mitchell.)

2. Planning Ahead Never Happens. If you’re like most of us, you have this idea in your head of taking an amazing beach vacation. You have it all planned out in your mind. You go online, fawn over the gorgeous water and sand. And then you get busy. Your dog needs to go to the vet. Your mom calls. You step on a tack and are distracted by the throbbing pain. So this following through with the plan thing never happens. Why? Because it stays in your mind. Stop. Right. Now. Move your finger. Click here to see one of our dreamy all-inclusive escapes to Jamaica. Grab one. And go. You could be there. Just sayin’.

Amazing drink, Secrets the Vine, Cancun, Mexico
(Amazing drink, Secrets the Vine, Cancun, Mexico, photo by: instagram.com/jessiel991)

3. Your Skin is Crying Out for Vitamin D. We know that too much sun is not good. However, a little natural vitamin D is good for body and soul. Since it’s probably been shut away under layers of sweaters over the last few months, we highly suggest you let it out. Give it some room to breathe and take in a little nourishment from El Sol down in Cancun, Mexico.

Boat in Aruba
(Boat in Aruba, photo by: instagram.com/curious_incident_of_ung.)

4. Whatever the Problem, the Answer is the Beach. Fire your shrink. Hire a beach. The sweet sun, teal waves and soft, toe-loving sand is all you need. Few things are more beneficial than beach therapy. How does an all-inclusive beach vacay in Aruba sound?

5. Life is Short. You know this cliché, but here’s the thing: clichés exist because they’re true. So do yourself a favor. Soak in the sun ‘n surf. Grab your friends and family. Make some memories.

Just call one of our sea-savvy Beachologists at 1-800-915-3162 and they’ll set you up in no time with an all-inclusive dream escape, or check out our all-inclusive vacation packages on your time. Speaking of, time is all we have. Use it beachingly.

Lisa Mitchell

I am a blogger for CheapCaribbean.com who is a travel junkie and addicted to the beach.

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