Tie-Dye Beach Towel



Freshen up your beach towel wardrobe with a little tie-dye. With these beach towels, you will never mistake your boring old striped beach towel for someone else’s. These towels are personalized, unique, and FUN. In as little as 24 hours, you’ll be ready to hit the beach in fashion.


  • White Cotton Beach Towel – Large bath towels also work.
  •  Tie-Dye Kit – Can be purchased at super centers or craft stores.
  • Large Trash Bag – One per towel.


1. Gather materials and prep your workspace.

2. Wet towel, then ring out excess water.

3. Place rubber bands around damp towel to create a pattern.

4. Mix dye per your kit’s instructions and squirt onto towel.

5. Place dyed towel into a large trash bag and let sit for atleast 8 hours.

6. Remove towel from trash bag and rinse until water comes out clean.

7. Run your towel through a normal cycle with cold water. Dry the towel on medium heat. *Wash and dry towel alone.

8. Hit the beach!

Jordan Clegg

A #TrueBeachLover bringing you all the best foods, crafts, and most importantly drinks.

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  1. Steve says:

    Brings me back to grade school… in the 70s :grinning:

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