8 Beautiful Things to do in Jamaica

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Lush rolling, softly curving mountains bathed in the deepest Kelly green. Water of azure blue hues that hypnotize you with their gentle waves. Ebony natives who bear opening, explosive smiles when they welcome you to their island, as if you’re the most important, most mesmerizing person they’ve ever met.

This is Jamaica, an island with heart and soul. This is where you want to be.

So let’s start with a few basics about what do when you get there.

(Red Stripe, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, photo by: instagram.com/kyle6427.)

1. Drink a Red Stripe Beer. This refreshing brew just seems to go with every morsel you put in your mouth when you’re soaking in the sun ‘n surf.


2. Try the Jerk Chicken. This spicy staple is found on almost every menu. It’s savory with a kick. And wash it down with a Red Stripe beer, Mon. (see #1)

3. Drink Blue Mountain Coffee. Grown and harvested on the island, you’ll find this delicious, strong blend all over. Have it with your breakfast or wind down after an evening of imbibing with some frosty Red Stripes, but be sure to add rum cream to it. With this touch, you can’t get any more Jamaican.

(Secrets St. James, photo by: instagram.com/realdollawill.)

4. Learn the Phrase, “Irie Mon.” Wherever you turn, if you’re asking for directions or where the restroom is, you’ll hear this phrase, which is translated to mean, “Everything is good.” Why? Everything in Jamaica is relaxed, laid back and honestly, very good.

(Seven Mile Beach, photo by: instagram.com/aimzraad.)

5. Walk Down Seven Mile Beach in Negril. One look and you’ll think you’re in heaven. Beach heaven, that is. Fine, white sand hugged by clear, baby blue water. It feels intimate and yet there are things to do there. It’s a must-see (and feel) for all True Beach Lovers.

(Margaritaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica.)
(View from Margaritavile, Montego Bay, Jamaica.)

6. Dive in to All the Epic Excursions. There are so many that are amazing, it’s hard to cull them down. But here are few.

  • Zip line over the canopy at Cranbrook Forest Gardens.
  • Go horseback riding in the cool waters of the Caribbean Sea in Ocho Rios.
  • Explore the gorgeous countryside in an ATV Buggy.
  • Swim, sunbathe or even climb the waterfall at Dunn’s Falls.
  • Enjoy the stunning view at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay.
  • Take a nighttime cruise with on a Luminescent Lagoon tour and see the magical colors light up under your boat.

These are just a few of many and your hotel concierge can help you set up these, and many more.

(Upstairs bar, Club Mobay.)

7. Check in to Club Mobay. When you’re headed home, this goldmine of comfort is where you’ll want to take refuge. It’s actually underneath the airport in Montego Bay and offers up such comforting basics like a delicious buffet, separate rooms for kids and adults and lots of chilled beverages to start your travels off right. One of the best things you’ll discover here – a petite sized spa that will relax you even more with neck and shoulder massages. Trust us, this is where you want to camp out before leaving this luscious island Eden.

(Amstar guide, Jamaica.)

8. Book an Amstar Transfer. We highly recommend that when you land, you use Amstar transfer service to take you to your resort, and then cart you around when you’re there. These kind folks know everything about the island. As you drive along, perhaps, on your way to an excursion, you might hear the driver say, “Oh here is where Christopher Columbus landed,” or “That is where the White Witch of Jamaica lived who poisoned her husbands.”  They know their stuff. Finally, these gracious host and hostesses also carry an ample supply of ice cold water and cool towels to soothe your parched body and soul, should you need them (which you will) on this balmy island.

Ready to go? We hope so. All you have to do is dial 1-800-915-3162 and one of our awesome Beachologists will plan your trip. Or if you want to do a little more digging yourself, just go here and browse all the awesome that Jamaica offers.

Lisa Mitchell

I am a blogger for CheapCaribbean.com who is a travel junkie and addicted to the beach.

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